Author Stacey Rourke

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Nate DOES Rock!

Yes, I am a protective parent. I think kids grow up too quickly these days thanks to the way the media bombards them with sexualized images around every turn. Magazines, tv, billboards, it's everywhere! Recently I tried to watch Good Morning America with my children in the room and had to switch it off when advertisements for another show came on that featured practically naked people rolling around on a bed together. It wasn't even nine am! I wasn't not awake for the dive across the room to shield my children's eyes that suddenly became mandatory! Tone it down networks! For that very reason Disney Junior is a staple in my house and books like Nate Rocks are gold to me!

Why do I love this series? Because Nate is a normal kid with a mom that can't cook, a dad that raves about his "good ole days" and an annoying older sister.   Nate is a truly good kid, he wants to help other people, he WANTS to be the hero. So how does he live out that dream? He draws himself right into in! With the use of his sketch pad he whisks himself off on incredible journeys that star him in amazing, exciting adventures that cast him as the hero. These middle grade books are a fantastic way to encourage kids to let their imaginations run wild and let it take them wherever it will--like their own private magic carpet!

This is the third book in this series written by the uber talented Karen Pokras Toz. Catch this series from the beginning with Nate Rocks the World, Nate Rocks the Boat and now Nate Rocks the School! Purchase Nate Rocks the School Now!