Author Stacey Rourke

Saturday, January 29, 2011


This week I got some "good gas." And no, I don't mean the ucky kind that usually follows taco night. Actually this phrase was introduced to me by a friend as a way to describe the good, positive events that motivate us to keep forging ahead. In my case it was a literary agent using words like "WOW" and "AMAZING" to describe my manuscript. She is now discussing my work with her colleagues before making a decision on if she wants to offer to represent me. Not only did this news prompt me to do the Snoopy dance, but it also gave me the motivation to keep moving forward.

Negativity is everywhere and it gets daunting. Without the occasional "good gas" we begin to feel like we are pointlessly beating our head against the wall. Giving up and opting instead for something easier, like trimming shrubbery, seems like the only option. ("Bring me a shrubbery! A nice one.") But when we get that "good gas" it's like a nod and a wink from above, letting us know that we're on the right track and we just need to stick it out.

I honestly hope this agent takes a chance on me. I really like her and I will explain why in future blogs. But if she doesn't, at least she motivated me to keep at it. Her kind words inspired concentrated time with THE CONDUIT series and my new work in progress because she made me feel valued as a writer.

I wish this same kind of inspiration to all of you! May each and every one of you get some really good gas this week!