Author Stacey Rourke

Friday, May 28, 2010


It's been almost a week since my last blog. The reason for that is three-fold;

1.) I have been in deep mourning over the finale of Lost. I know that show wasn't for everyone. Some people were put off by all the twists and turns and mysteries that made it was it was. I, for one, adored it. I feel the writers were geniouses that kept us guessing right up until the end. And even the finale left quite a bit open to interpretation. I look up to both of the writer/ creators. Bravo sirs! I still whell up thinking about the Sawyer/ Juliet, Son/ Jin scenes. I plan to own the complete DVD collection so I can relive the magic of the island and sob all over again when it ends.

2.) It has been so gorgeous outside I have had no desire to be inside writing! Wow what a wonderful summer this is shaping up to be!

3.) Any free time I haven't been playing outside with my kids or sobbing over the loss of Lost I have been editing, editing, editing and then more editing. It is nearly complete. Only three more chapters to go. What started at 110,000 words is down to 81,000. Phew! I am very happy with how it is progressing. Unfortunatetly some fun scenes that I really enjoyed had to go, but the story flows better. I hope the agent that asked for revisions and resubmission will see that.

That being said I have to attach a small note here to a friend:


I am deeply sorry but the scenes with the Volkswagen Thing got cut. While you and I, and I am sure others, enjoy the juvenile jokes that go along with a car with that name it slowed down the scene. Celeste is suffering from head trauma then and wouldn't be coherent enough to be cracking jokes about his ride. I am so sorry to have to break this to you. Please don't cry. If it makes you feel better you can come over and watch the Lost collection with me and we will crack jokes between ourselves about the Thing.

Lots of Love,