Author Stacey Rourke

Saturday, October 16, 2010


I have been meaning to blog for days now, really I have. However life kept getting in the way--as it so enjoys doing. It has been hard to find time for much else in between dealing with my husband crashing not one but TWO of our cars in the course of a weekend, loved ones being rushed to the ER, my email being hacked, spontanously sick kids, running the preschooler here and there, etc, etc... It's been crazy. So much so that I am seriously considering going into hiding next October just in case it becomes an annual trend.

Thankfully though I have consistantly found time for my literary pursuits. I just finished further rewrites of THE CONDUIT and am very pleased with the results. Now it will be whisked off to the trusted hands of ALL SHE EVER WANTED author T.L. Cooper. The talented, and might I add very pretty, author/poet will be editing and critiqueing my manuscript to help me further perfect it. (That's right, I am trying to butter her up. If I'm kind, she will be too. Right?!)

With these rewrites complete I was then able to get back to EMBRACE OF THE CALL. I am having a riot with this manuscript! As I have mentioned before I am introducing some new characters this time around. One new addition is a darkly twisted bad boy that I am having a blast creating. I have found myself playing Jace Everett's BAD THINGS just to get myself in the right frame of mind for the character. Can't wait to share him with the world.

My quest into the current YA literary world continues. My stack of reading material has grown to an alarming level, but I will eventually work my way through it all. I am on the latest novel in THE IMMORTALS series and will be reviewing them all upon the complition. I am learning a great deal from these other authors. For example, what kinds of things YA authors can--ahem--get away with. That has been surprising for me. I found a YA novel that actually dropped the f-bomb repeatedly. That shocked me. Probably because my step-dad always told me that people swear when they aren't clever enough to articulate their emotions more effectively. While I am not opposed to some of the tamer curse words dotted in here and there, I can assure you I will not be dropping the f-bomb in any of my YA books. I will keep it at a PG-13 or less, that is my promise to parents who trust me to entertain their kids.

So that's the latest with me. 'Sup with you?