Author Stacey Rourke

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


Long time, no blog! The reason for the posting drought hasn't been lack of desire, believe me. Actually, it's quite the opposite. Create-O-Brain has been in overdrive lately, and I've wanted to spread that good news. Unfortunately, it's been difficult to find a spare second to do so!

Right now, my kids are stretching their artistic muscles with a little coloring time, which buys me a few minutes to share the latest on my projects!

Editing on the next installment in THE CONDUIT series--EMBRACE OF THE CALL--continues. I've been pleased enough with the progress that I've even let my darling husband take a few sneak peaks at it. He's given me some good feedback, and genuinely seems to like it. Which is surprising considering that Anakin Skywalker and Obi Wan Kenobi do not battle to the death anywhere in the novel. (Teasing of course. Love you, babe!)

My writing/editing time has become a juggling act now that I have TWO new projects in the works. The first is a new fantasy YA series that I am very excited about. I don't want to give away the plot or storyline yet, but I will give a little teaser. The working title of this new novel is MASQUER. It's a french word meaning to put on a mask or disguise to hide one's identity. Someone in this series is wearing a frighteningly convincing disguise... (Dum-dum-dummmmmmmmmmmm!)

The second new project is very close to my heart. As my family and friends know, my husband and I battled infertility on our quest to become parents. Throughout that entire journey I kept a journal of every step of the process. A couple of weeks ago, I stumbled onto that journal. As I sat down on the bed and flipped through it, all the pain, laughter, heartbreak, and resulting joy came back to me. As did another sad truth--I remembered that during all of it I felt like the only woman in the world that had ever walked that path. I know I wasn't, and that infertility affects countless women every year. But as I lived through it, that was how I felt. I tried to find books on the subject, but all I could find was clinical descriptions that offered me no comfort. Because of this, I've decided to compile my journal entries and publish them. If I can give hope to even one woman enduring the pain and uncertainty of infertility, then it will be worthwhile.

There ya have it folks- the reasons I haven't been blogging. Instead I've been click-click-clicking away at numerous projects. My hope is that one or more of them will be published by the end of the year for your reading enjoyment.

Okay, blog time over. The three year old is eating crayons--again.