Author Stacey Rourke

Thursday, August 12, 2010


In preparation for an upcoming family vacation, I made a countdown calender with my girls. It thrills them to no end to cross off each day knowing it brings them that much closer to the fun headed their way. This got me thinking; wouldn't it be nice if everyday life came with countdown calenders to the good stuff? Maybe your boss could stroll into your office and hang up a calender counting down the days until you finally get that corner office. (Shout out to my bud the Dancing Pickle.) Or a magical clock could appear ticking down the seconds until you meet that special someone. Or a certain aspiring author could open a mysterious package and find a note with the exact date her book would be picked up. We would know exactly when it was going to happen and could simmer in our own excitement until then.

But wouldn't that take some of the magic out of those amazing moments? For example ladies, what if your boyfriend told you a month in advance the exact day and time he was going to propose? Your thought would be, "Way to kill the romance Romeo!" Because it's the surprise and the thrill of moments like those that make them special. It's the seemingly ordinary days transforming in the blink of an eye to something extraordinary that show what a brilliant choreographer God is. And even though waiting chaffs our fannies, in the end it really does make the prize that much sweeter.

So life doesn't come with a precise countdown calender. That doesn't mean we can't live it like it does. Those wonderful, amazing moments life has in store for us do happen. Maybe we could just think of the rough or mediocre days along the way as filler. Days we have to cross off to get us one step closer to the amazing days.

Although, if someone does know of that mysterious package with that date in it I would not be opposed to taking a peak at it...