Author Stacey Rourke

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


February 2007

I sat rocking my seven month old daughter as she drifted off to sleep after a bottle. Gazing down at her my heart ached from the magnitude of my love for her. She grew so fast, every day being a little less my "baby". I wanted nothing more than to take a mental snap shot of every single moment I spent with her so I wouldn't risk missing a thing. The road to her conception was such a tumultuous, painful one. But we beat the odds. According to the doctors we wouldn't get that lucky again.

Tears streaked down my cheeks. Once Ellie's baby phase ended I wouldn't experience it again. No more cherished moments with a sleeping baby nuzzled into the crook of my neck. No more chubby fingers tangled in my hair to draw me near. No more sweet infant serenades of "Ma-ma." But I would be okay with it, because I held in my arms my miracle baby. I would just have to grasp all my memories tight to prevent them from fluttering away like a feather on the wind. The tears flowed freely as I snuggled my sweet girl tight and thanked God wholeheartedly that He sought fit to bless me even once.

Six weeks later I found out I was pregnant again. Don't tell me miracles don't happen. I wake up to two of them every damn day.

Happy third birthday Madilyn Claire. You will ALWAYS be the most amazing surprise I have ever been given.