Author Stacey Rourke

Monday, January 3, 2011


The creative mind is an entity all its own. Those of us that rely heavily on it know that it leads us and not the other way around. Last night "Create-o-Brain" let me know in no uncertain terms that it's in charge.

I had no intention of starting a new novel. My plan was to finish out THE CONDUIT series before I tackled anything else. To be honest I didn't think my simple little mind could handle more than that. Sure, I had other story ideas but I felt they could wait.

Then my husband offhandedly mentioned a story idea to me.

My initial reaction was to shun his idea. It was undoubtedly clever, however it focused on a story line I said I would never use. Never say never, huh? I can honestly say I hadn't thought about it much since then. But last night, as I laid in bed, that familiar pull to write began. I had no choice but to grab my laptop and click the ideas out. Usually I outline a chapter or novel before I begin. This time I just let it flow. It felt amazing. A new idea. A new beginning. Even I don't know yet where this story will lead. But I'm not going to worry about that just yet. That is for Create-o-Brain to figure out, not me.

So, on my plate now I have one manuscript I am polishing up for submissions, one in the editing stages, the outline of a third CONDUIT book and a chapter of a completely new WIP. Yep, I'm a writer. How can I keep it all straight? I can't. Create-o-brain can.