Author Stacey Rourke

Friday, June 11, 2010


We're going to do something a little different today. I got a barrage of fun questions sent to me, so today's blog is going to be a Q&A. If any of you have additional questions you want me to answer for a future round send them to me and I will try to get to them all!

1.) What are your plans for the weekend?

Plans? I've heard of those. I believe they involve prearranging events, right? Yeah, I don't make those anymore. We pretty much decide on the spot if and when we are going to do things.

2.) How did you name your CONDUIT characters?

Let's start with Celeste. Because the legend originates in Ireland I wanted a name that could tie right in with her ancestors. Celia is an Irish name and Celeste was an updated version of that. I picked Gabe's name because it is strong and masculine and his character is the embodiment of strength. Kendall's name hits closer to home for me. My Uncle Kenny passed away when I was a little girl and since then I have always thought of him as an angel looking out for me. Kendall, aka Keni, is an angelic character and was named in honor of my uncle. Two other characters were also named in honor of loved ones that have passed on; Bruce Garrett, the kids' father, was named after my my Uncle Bruce and Grams or Gladys Garrett was named after my husband's great grandmother.

3.) What is your favorite part of being a mom?

No way can I pick just one. Hearing my kids laugh. Watching them play together. When they wrap their arms around my neck and say "Love you Mommy." When they wow me with their knowledge, courage and strength. Watching them grow into happy, healthy people. The look in their eyes when they see something amazing for the first time. Watching them play and interact with other kids. I could go on and on. Long story short; they are a blessing I thank God for every single day.

4.) Which is your favorite Dwarf from Snow White?

Dopey. I have a theory about him. He plays dumb, but I think underneath it all he's a diabolical genius. Think about it; which dwarf gets more than one kiss from the pretty girl? That's right, Dopey. He plays the part of a dim-wit, however I'm betting he could give Doc a run for his money.

5.) What's your theory on JFK?

Well, I'm no history major but I believe he was shot. Then he found himself in an alternate reality where he reconnected with all the people he loved. They all gathered in a church and then went into the light together. (Yes, the ending of Lost is still plaguing me!!)

So there you have it, our first Q&A. Hope you enjoyed it! I know I did! Have an idea for a question you want answered? Contact me and I will get to it!

PS-I have 5 chapters of my revised book ready to be critiqued. Willing parties contact me on Facebook.