Author Stacey Rourke

Thursday, September 22, 2011

High Noon

Boots crunch over dirt and rocks, kicking up small puffs of dust. The two men stop and eye each other, daring the other to act first. Their hands hover over their holstered weapons, fingers twitching for the trigger. The music strums as the tension builds. Bum-bum-bum-ch-ch.

A showdown is coming, friends. Between a thieving villain, aka the jerk that keeps hacking into my web site, and the hero of our story, a computer whiz and Star Wars fanatic named Steve. (I’m not stereotyping him just because he’s into computers. He really is a Star Wars nut. He confessed this to me. Sup, Steve?!) Steve is fighting to maintain the virtue of my innocent little web site that our villain seeks to corrupt with stupid celebrity gossip sites. (I won’t judge you if you gave in and clicked on their link to naked pictures of Scarlett Johansen, but know that I died a little inside at your betrayal.)

Their weapons of choice are their keyboards as they attempt to outsmart and out-think each other. Meanwhile this damsel in distress watches from the sidelines and fans herself as she begins to feel faint. (It’s my blog I can be the damsel if I want to.) Perhaps it’s from my overly tightened corset. More likely it’s the nagging dread of what this is all going to end up costing me. Oye.

Hey Steve, when you’re done with him can I kick him once or twice?