Author Stacey Rourke

Monday, September 27, 2010


As if chasing two toddlers, controlling two St. Bernards, maintaining a house and editing not one but TWO novels wasn't enough I have dove into yet another task. My novels are in the Young Adult genre, therefore I have decided to learn all I can about the books that are out right now.

Not that I was unfamiliar with this genre before, mind you. Truthfully this is a genre I enjoy to begin with. (Duh. Why else would I write it?) Authors such as James Patterson, Stephenie Meyer, Christopher Pike and L.J. Smith were all inspirational in my decision to join them in the YA ranks. At a later date I will dissect their works and explain how each of them added to my creative spark.

For now I have taken to patrolling the bookstores. (I could literally spend hours there; soaking up the atmosphere, hunting for books, getting opinions from other readers, I just love it! Put me there with a Starbucks Venti Chai Latte' with extra whip in my hand and I am in euphoric bliss.) I have already acquired a stack of books to read. Once you trudge passed the whoas of teenage angst there are some incredibly creative stories that are beautifully written and edge of your seat compelling. I will report back with my findings of what the can't miss reads are.

Currently I am on the second book, BLUE MOON, in Alyson Noel's Immortals series. I will hold my opinions until I complete the series. However if the fact that I was up until one thirty in the morning last night reading is any kind of indicator you can bet Ms. Noel will be getting a favorable review!