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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I'm Back and it's Contest Time!!

"So now I'm back, from outer space! I just came in and found ya here with that sad look upon you're face..."

Oh, sorry. Lost myself in the moment. But I am back! I've decided to dust off my blog just in time for my novella, The Sidekick Chronicles, to release THIS WEEK!!! (I'll pause for your shocked and excited gasp. Go ahead...I'm waiting.) No gasping? Huh. Maybe the blurb for Sidekick will draw one out of you yet...

Celeste isn't the only member of the Garrett family whose life changed when destiny called. Every sidekick has their tale and in this Gryphon Series short the spotlight is turned on Kendall, Grams and even Gabe. Get an inside look at the hilarious stress that goes along with being a...sidekick. 

Sidekicks...ya can't live with 'em and you'd probably die horribly without 'em.

Still nothing? Have you considered the possibility you might me slightly dead inside? Just sayin'.

Anywho, you maybe asking why I need to blog when I already have a perfectly good web site (, Facebook author page ( and Twitter account (@rourkewrites)? Well, I may ask why you ask so many questions. Geesh.

Actually I have a very good reason for bringing blogging back. (And now I'm singing "I'm bringing blogging back" to the tune of "Sexy Back" awesome.) My reasons? PRIZES!!! I wanna give stuff away! As the release of The Sidekick Chronicles draws near let's have a sidekick contest! You tell me what super powers you want to have and what your superhero will name will be AND what your sidekick's name would be and what they can do. Best answer wins an autographed copy of Gryphon Series book 2, Embrace AND a signed bookmark! Contest ends Monday Sept 17th so get your entries in ASAP!!! Post your entries as a comment below!
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