Author Stacey Rourke

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


I recieved an email from an agency today that was quite literally 36 pages long. At the top it said they were referring me to their sister company who may or may not be interested, beneath that they said they themselves may or may not be interested and want to see more of my work to decide. Ummm...what?!

It would be nice to be excited about it. I probably would be if my brain didn't hurt from trying to decipher their email. Was that a yes? No? Maybe? No idea. As members of the literary community one would think that they would be a bit better at conveying a message.

I went ahead and sent them my manuscript. I think they wanted it. Again, not completely sure. Whatever the case maybe this seems to be a Yeay-ish type moment.


  1. I'll throw a yay! in there! Definitely doesn't sound bad!

  2. Hell yeah it's a YAY moment! Who's the man...uh, or WOMAN? You are, that's who!!!!

  3. Wow! What an enthusiastic response!! I appreciate the support! Trust me when I say the letter was unclearing enough that I couldn't must much excitement. Hopefully it will prove me wrong!

  4. They did take the time to send you a 36 page email... they took the time to read what you sent and didn't send you an automated "forget-you" email.... It definitely sounds like you did the right thing sending the stuff to them. You took the initiative to push on; they might have been seeing if you would...