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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Can't talk, but I can type!!

I have fallen by a formidable foe. An unseen foe that has invaded my body and overcome me. I have been holed up in bed for two days now, throat so sore I can't swallow anything more than liquids. I can't even talk for very long without it hurting. (My husband is trying to hide his enjoyment of that.) But I can type! So here I am!

Right now I have three different parties checking out my work. One publishing house and two literary agents. One of the literary agent's name is Louise, which is my mother's name. I immediately made her swear it wasn't her messing with me. I pointed out that I am taking Tylenol 3 right now and if this was her idea of a practical joke the timing made it downright mean. She swore it wasn't her and didn't laugh or anything, so I believe her. A dear friend of mine recently told me that if you want good things to happen, you have to believe that they will. Well, I do indeed believe good things are headed this way for me and my humble little book. And I am 75% sure that isn't the codeine talking...

On another note, a brilliant local tattoo artist, Lisa Strange, is painting a picture for me based on my book. My goal is to implement it as my cover art. I have seen the sketches and she is an amazing artist. Cannot wait to see the finished product. She is insanely talented! I will post a picture of it here as soon as I get it in my hot little hands.

Well, my medicine head is kicking in pretty good so I will sign off here before I begin describing the polka dotted unicorns flying around in my head...

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  1. So sorry you are still feeling crappy but I am glad to see it hasn't affected your personality and quick wit!

    Get better soon!