Author Stacey Rourke

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


I know what you're thinking, "Two blogs in one day? What happened to warrant such a treat?" (If that's not what you were thinking or perhaps you substituted the word 'treat' for 'torture' then I have to ask, why are you reading this in the first place? But I digress.)

The second blog for today is because this afternoon I encountered a being that I was unaware existed; a kind, helpful literary agent!! (Insert your shocked gasps here.) Now, before I offend anyone out there, let me say that I am not stereotyping agents. I am merely admitting that many of the ones I have encountered thus far have not been willing to go above and beyond as she did. It has made me hopeful that there are others like her out there.

Her name is Katharine Sands and I contacted her in one of my seemingly endless networking attempts. Researching her online I quickly learned that her clients had amazing things to say about her, but sadly she does not represent my genre. As we shot short emails back and forth to each other I let her know that she could breath easy that I wasn't going to pressure her for representation because I knew she didn't represent YA books. She responded that she admired plucky authors (which I think translates to pain in the a*#) and then she took the time to compile a list for me of good YA agents. At the top of the list? Another agent AT HER AGENCY! (Dum, dumm, duuummmmmmm!!!)To quote a favorite wobbly-legged pirate of mine, "Thas' interesting."

I researched the agent she referred me to and like her already. In an interview she said something I deeply understand and completely respect, "write what you have to write, not what you think is going to sell." That is exactly how I feel about my novels.

So what does this all mean? What's going to happen next? Aye mateys that I can't be sayin'. We'll have to keep a weathered eye on that horizon and see where the winds be takin' us. (Sorry once I go pirate it's hard to stop.)

One thing I do know? I'm about to woo the heck out of a certain literary agent.


  1. That is great! Glad to hear it Stace!

  2. Update; said agent requested the entire manuscript!! Woot woot indeed Beth!!!