Author Stacey Rourke

Thursday, July 8, 2010


I decided I was going to take a new avenue to getting published. I did some networking and connected with an established author with numerous published works under his belt. On a whim I asked him to critique my work and if he found it worthy to recommend it to his publisher. Kind person he is, he agreed.

Now I am so nervous I maybe giving myself an ulcer. This gentleman teaches classes on writing! He has books on shelves and knows what it takes to appeal to readers. I have had agents, editors, friends and family read my book, but never an established author. I find it so daunt my lunch is threatening to make a second appearance. Which is ridiculous because much like every aspect of the literary world his opinion is completely subjective.

Even if he doesn't choose to offer up the recommendation he may have some feedback to help improve upon my book, so it wouldn't be a total loss. I guess I should also find it reassuring that he's a writer so even if he hates it he will find an eloquent way to tell me so. Yet neither of these things are calming my frazzled nerves. I know this isn't the be-all, end-all but I still think I may drink an entire bottle of Pepto before the day is through.


  1. If he is as qualified as you say, he will recognize that it is good writing. Even if it isn't his "cup of tea." I read a lot of books and I can tell you, it's good writing. Keep us posted

  2. How's this for an update: lunch still isn't sitting well. LOL

  3. I think you're taking a really important step in the publishing process - peer review. Not just readers (like us) but actual authors to review your work. Way to go!! Proud of you :)

  4. Good luck!!! Like so many other career paths, writing/publishing can definitely be about who you know, so you're doing a great thing by networking and getting your name out there, regardless of the outcome. Hooray for you!!!! :D