Author Stacey Rourke

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


(Before I get into today's blog I must first address my 16 followers; I want you all to know that the following message is no reflection on my feelings towards you. You will always be my first 16 followers and therefore hold a special place in my heart. I will continue to entertain you via this medium to the best of my ability. What is to follow is a shameless self-endorsement and nothing more. Lots of love!)

To everyone else viewing this blog; do you see that little white button on the left side of your screen? The one that says "Follow"? It would really mean a lot to me if you would click on that button. Now I know what you are thinking, your not sure you're ready to make that commitment. I totally get that. We've only had a handful of posts together and it may seem I'm rushing our relationship a bit. It's just that what we have here seems so right. Is your hesitation because you've been in blogging relationships that have ended badly? If that's the case I beg you not to punish me for the actions of an abusive blogger. And maybe you don't want to limit yourself to just MY blog; lots of other blogs in the sea. Well I have no problem sharing you. If you want to see other blogs, that's okay. I'll be happy just knowing you will be with me when you are able. I'm not asking for an exclusive relationship or a serious commitment. All I am asking is that you click that little button to let me know you care.

I will be here, patiently waiting for your decision. No pressure though...


  1. I'd follow you anywhere! Oh wait, that's not what you meant...

  2. awe, how could you refuse a request like that?

  3. A speech similar to that is how I won Jay over.